Work-Related Injuries

At OSTS, we can help injured employees overcome a workplace injury and get back to work. Learn more below >>

Are you an injured worker?

If you’ve been injured on the job, you need relief from the pain and/or immobility of the injury itself. But you also need to get back to work, because it’s your livelihood. We have developed a staged system of treatment that returns you to work at the right time to ensure your success and safety.

At OSTS, our dedicated physical therapists combine proven hands-on therapies, exercise, patient education and home programs to get you back to work safely… and in as little time as possible.

Our therapists work with you individually to specifically target the tasks you need to perform at work. We will test your physical abilities and match them to the demands of your work tasks, which is vital to ensuring a safe return to your job. And we “stage” your return to work, helping you get back in stages, increasing your tasks as your ability to perform them improves. We will also educate you about how to prevent future injury by showing you how to position and move your body more safely when performing your job.

The help you need for Workers’ Compensation

If your injury is covered by Workers’ Compensation, we make sure your care is handled properly. We work with your case manager and physician and file all the necessary paperwork. We also make sure everyone involved understands exactly where you are in your recovery, what you can and can’t do and when you’re truly ready to return to work.

For more information about how we can help you overcome a work-related injury and get back to work, call OSTS today at (603) 330-3337. You can also use our Online Appointment Request Form.

Are you a case manager interested in our work injury services?

OSTS provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art occupational injury services for all types of work injuries. The services we offer are designed to address the needs of all parties involved in a Workers’ Compensation injury – physicians, health care providers, case managers, employers and injured workers.

The success of returning an injured employee to work hinges directly on early intervention and the type of care administered. Not only is it important to treat an injured worker at the earliest stage of an injury, but treatment must identify job demands and barriers affecting return to work. Identifying an employee’s work capacity at different stages of an injury is critical to returning someone to full or modified duty.

For more information about our work injury services call OSTS today and ask to speak to our Director of Treatment Patrick O’Donnell, MPT at (603) 330-3337.