About Our Practice

When it comes to getting informed, effective rehabilitative care, you have a choice, and who you choose for physical therapy makes a difference in your recovery.

Our patients frequently tell us that their experience here is different from other therapy experiences. That’s because we own and operate this practice independently, and we designed our systems and processes around patient needs rather than business objectives.

At OSTS, there are a number of ways we differentiate ourselves from our competitors:

  • Your physical therapy is performed by the same physical therapist, so it’s more consistent.
  • Your treatment sessions are longer and more productive.
  • We evaluate your condition constantly, not every few weeks.
  • Our systems are perfected, so they won’t affect the quality of your care or bog you down with “red tape.”
  • We are flexible and can adapt to changing needs and special situations.

Our Approach to Physical Therapy

At OSTS in Rochester, New Hampshire, everything we do is designed to get you back to the most complete physical function possible.

Our approach has five basic tenets:

Comprehensive, Results-Focused Care

Because it leads to better outcomes, we combine hands-on therapy with exercise and education. We start by performing a differential assessment of the area(s) of dysfunction. Next, we work with you to set specific goals and devise therapies to achieve them. We also measure your progress — as well as your pain — throughout your therapy. This allows us to modify your program, if needed, to ensure its success.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Here at OSTS, we do everything with your needs in mind:

  • We develop individualized treatment plans
  • We provide attentive hands-on care
  • We spend more time showing you how to help yourself get better

You see, we care about you and your well-being, and it shows in our warmth, friendliness and dedication to doing what’s right for you.

Patient Participation

At OSTS, your participation is the key to your successful rehabilitation. Our tradition of excellent outcomes is due in large part to our focus on patient education and home programs. We teach you about your condition, the biomechanics involved and how you can avoid pain and/or re-injury. We also show you how you can take charge of your rehabilitation at home so you can get back to living, pain-free.

Collaboration with Your Doctor

We provide your doctor a detailed report on your initial evaluation, including findings and recommendations for therapy. Your physician will also receive frequent progress reports. Plus, we’re always available to consult with your physician, and we’ll call for consultation when needed.


With our simple conveniences, OSTS makes it easy to get back to the life and activities you love. We offer:

  • Early morning, lunchtime and evening appointments
  • Same-day appointments
  • On-time care
  • Participation in most insurance plans, including Anthem BlueCross/BlueShield and CIGNA HMO, PPO & POS plans
  • Visa and MasterCard welcome
  • Handicapped-accessible facilities

Experience the difference at OSTS. Call (603) 330-3337 or use our secure Online Appointment Request Form.